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Do you just need a few new sprinkler heads to get your lawn lush green again? No matter what your lawn’s sprinkler system requires, we are here to help!

Sprinkler Installation Irrigation Maintenance Sprinkler Repairs Spring Sprinkler Activation Sprinkler Winterization Landscape Lighting
Sprinkler Installation Irrigation Maintenance Sprinkler Repairs Spring Sprinkler Activation Sprinkler Winterization Landscape Lighting

Are you looking to upgrade your sprinkler systems?

Our team of professionals is highly skilled and specifically trained to work with any kind of irrigation system.

Long Island Sprinkler Company prides itself in taking care of the sprinkler systems of Long Island homeowners.

We have been in this business for over a decade now which makes us experts in our field. From installation of drip irrigation to complete sprinkler system installation, we can get the job done!

We, at Long Island Sprinkler Company, only use the best and top-rated equipment in all our sprinkler treatments and services. Usage of the top-quality equipment along with our team’s finest craftsmanship makes us the number one choice for Long Island lawn sprinklers.

Long Island Sprinkler Company

Why Do You Need a Good Sprinkler System?

Your lawn is the welcome mat for your home. It needs to be welcoming and pleasing to the eyes. The secret to a lawn’s beauty lies in its lush green color which can only be achieved with a good sprinkler and irrigation system.

Lack of water or even overflowing of water can severely damage your lawn and poison the soil. With the right sprinkler system, you can make sure that your lawn gets just the right amount of watering that it needs to glow and grow!

Sprinkler systems also make sure that all parts of lawns are equally watered so your lawn looks even and healthy from all corners.

A sprinkler system installation can help you with the following:


Sufficient Water

Provides your lawn with the right amount of water


Equal Distribution

Waters all parts of your lawn evenly



Saves you money and conserves water


Our Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

We provide state-of-the-art irrigation services when it comes to sprinkler systems on Long Island. Our team of experts is highly trained to deal with every type of lawn and lawn sprinkler so your lawn can get the best care. Whether you need sprinkler repairs or new installations, our maintenance and professional service can help you with all!

Some of the services we provide are listed below:

Most of the time, the only flaw in your lawn sprinkler is the lack of maintenance. Our experts are skilled to deal with all kinds of Long Island lawn sprinklers. We will examine your lawn sprinkler and upgrade it so it becomes functional again.

If your sprinkler systems are working fine but you just need new heads to improve the water flow, then we can help. We have every type of sprinkler head to choose from so you can pick the one which best suits your lawn’s needs.

Drip irrigation is the most efficient and quickest method for transforming your lawn. This method makes sure that the roots of the plants and the lawn not only get water but also all the nutrients. Our professional irrigation systems are guaranteed to improve the quality of your lawn overnight!

Sometimes, your healthy lawn dilemma can easily be solved by a simple repair in the watering system. Our team of experts will conduct a detailed inspection of your sprinkler and irrigation systems and will point out the areas that need to be repaired. Then after your consultation, our team will get the job done in no time!

We also provide our customers with a free estimate on all our Long Island lawn sprinklers service. One of our professionals will come over to your home to inspect your garden and after analyzing its condition, we will provide you with a free estimate. That way you can get your new installations under budget!

Trust us with your sprinkler system and watch your lawn transform overnight!

Long Island Sprinkler Company
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Why Choose Us for Your Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Our company is one of the most renowned contractors not only on Long Island, but we also extend our services East End and to Nassau County. There are many reasons why you should choose our company for your sprinkler and irrigation needs and these are listed below:


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