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Tired of seeing your lawn lifeless? Then your lawn needs a transformation. Don’t worry, you don’t need to uproot your lawn, all you need is a new sprinkler system installation!

Shower Your Fairytale Garden

Sprinkler Installation and Lawn Care

Wondering where to get the best Long Island lawn sprinklers for your home? We have got you covered!

Most of the time, a good irrigation system is all that it takes to transform a dull lawn into a lush green fairytale garden. The installation of a few lawn sprinklers can truly change the look of your lawn overnight!

We, at Long Island Sprinkler Company, have been providing the residents of Long Island with sprinkler system installation for over 10 years. We are experts in providing the best of our services for every kind of irrigation system. We understand that your lawn requires care and love and our sprinkler system vows to shower your lawn with that – and of course with water!

Our team of experts is highly qualified to deal with all kinds of hi-tech irrigation systems and only uses materials of the highest quality to get the job done. Trust us with your lawn sprinkler needs and watch your lawn transform overnight!


Our installation of sprinkler systems includes the following

Multidirectional lawn sprinklers
Functional sprinkler heads
Eco-friendly lawn pipes
Automatic lawn sprinklers
High-pressure nozzles
And many more!

Our Sprinkler System Installation Services

Whether you need the installation of drip irrigation or a simple lawn sprinkler, we provide the best of our services in all cases! Our team of professionals is highly skilled with hi-tech irrigation systems and we only use state-of-the-art equipment in all our lawn sprinklers.

From maintenance to repairs, we offer our service for all types of property, whether be it residential or commercial.

Some of the services that we provide to the citizens of Long Island are given below:

Our team of experts will come over to inspect your lawn area and will advise the sprinkler system which best suits your Long Island lawn’s requirements. Not only will we install a sprinkler system but we will also conduct follow-ups to ensure that it works just fine for your lawn!

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient irrigation systems that specifically take care of the roots of the lawn. This system ensures that the roots of your lawn get all the required nutrients so they can grow healthily. Our qualified experts are specialists in the installation of this system and they will walk you through the entire process.

We also offer lawn sprinkler repair services in which we deal with all sorts of repairs in your existing sprinkler systems. We will inspect your Long Island lawn sprinklers closely and will make repairs and replacements wherever needed for a healthy growing lawn.

Apart from sprinkler systems maintenance, we also provide lawn maintenance services as well. Our main priority is to make sure that your lawn looks upbeat and fresh which is why we offer a wide variety of professional lawn maintenance services as well.

We provide a free estimate on all our sprinkler and irrigation systems installation services. One of our team professionals will come over to your home to inspect your lawn and after careful analysis, we will provide you with an honest review and a free estimate on the services.

Long Island Sprinkler Installation
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What We Guarantee

As one of the leading sprinkler installation companies on Long Island, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction over anything else. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service which is why we are the most recommended company in NY. Apart from Long Island, we also extend our services East End and to the citizens of Nassau County.

We guarantee to provide our customers with the following:


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