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Do your sprinkler heads need a desperate upgrade? Or do you want the best from your Long Island lawn sprinklers while staying under budget? You can get the answer to all your questions with a simple sprinkler repair!

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Is your sprinkler system outdated?

Wondering where to get the best Long Island lawn sprinklers for your home? We have got you covered!

We, at Long Island Sprinkler Company, have been serving residential and commercial properties with our sprinkler repair services for more than 10 years.

We are the most trusted company on Long Island when it comes to sprinkler systems installations and repairs. With our team of experts and our excellent sprinkler services, you can witness your lawn transform overnight!

Contact us today to set your Long Island sprinkler repair appointment to enjoy a lush green fairytale lawn in no time!


Some reasons why a sprinkler repair may be needed

Broken sprinkler turn
Faulty rain sensors in sprinkler systems
Damage to lawn sprinkler pipes
Blocked valves in lawn sprinkler
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Why Do You Need Sprinkler System Repair?

Most of the time, homeowners often wonder why their sprinkler system is not doing its required job, even if they have the latest one installed. This situation calls for a sprinkler repair. Faulty sprinkler systems can cause massive damage to a lawn by either not providing enough water or by overflowing the lawn.

There are many reasons why a sprinkler repair may be required. In most cases, rust gets developed on sprinkler heads which prohibits the flow of water and causes the sprinkler system to malfunction.

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We have been providing sprinkler and irrigation services to our Long Island customers for more than 10 years.
We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction which is we are the most renowned company here on Long Island, NY.
Our services are not only limited to Long Island citizens but we also extend our services to citizens of Suffolk County, Nassau County, Bay Shore, Huntington Station, and all over New York.

Our Sprinkler Repair Services

As one of the leading sprinkler companies on Long Island, we provide multiple Long Island lawn sprinklers repair services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of professionals is highly skilled to deal with all sorts of sprinkler systems. We only use the best material for sprinkler repair and maintenance so your sprinkler and irrigation system withstands all tests of time.

Apart from using quality materials, our sprinkler service also includes inspections to ensure that your sprinkler and irrigation system is working just fine!

Some of our repair sprinkler services are mentioned below:

80% of sprinkler problems can be solved by repairing the sprinkler head. Due to the collection of rust and debris in the sprinkler head, the water flow is highly restricted. This problem can be solved with a simple sprinkler head repair and we can help you with that!

At times, the fault lies in the sprinkler turn which causes blockage in the turning motion of the sprinkler. This results in uneven water distribution in the lawn which is damaging. We use the best materials for turn repair so you never have to face this problem ever again!

Rain sensors are a crucial part of a sprinkler and irrigation system because you do not want your lawn overflowing with sprinkler water and rainwater. Our rain sensors are of the finest quality and are 100% accurate. They will sense rain and will immediately turn the lawn sprinklers off.

Our sprinkler service also includes spring and valve maintenance to ensure that proper water flow is guaranteed. This is most important in drip irrigation. We also offer several irrigation services alongside maintenance services.

We provide our customers with a free estimate on all our sprinkler repairs. One of our professionals will come over to discuss the repairs with you and afterward, we will provide you with free estimates on our services so you can stay under budget and get the repairs done!


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