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Is your existing sprinkler system not working properly? Or has it simply become outdated? Either way, it means that it is time to say goodbye to your old lawn sprinkler system. What your Long Island home lawn needs is a sprinkler system upgrade!

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We are the leading service lawn sprinkler company whose main aim is to convert your dull lawn into a fairytale garden.

We at Long Island Sprinkler Company have been providing Long Island residents with sprinkler and irrigation system upgrades for the past 10 years.

Our extensive team of qualified experts and professionals is specifically trained to deal with all sorts of lawn sprinkler systems and any irrigation system, including the complex drip irrigation system. We only use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in all our lawn sprinkler systems. In all our upgrade projects, our team ensures that the residential and commercial properties of your place are enhanced.

Our goal is to add beauty to your residence by refreshing your lawn. So call us today to set up an appointment for a lawn sprinkler system upgrade right away and we will be at your doorstep!


some of Our lawn sprinkler system upgrade includes the following features

Sprinkler heads
Booster pumps
Sprinkler lines
Rain sensors
Garden irrigation system
Creative irrigation systems
Compressed air treatments
Irrigation lines

Why You Need a Sprinkler System Upgrade?

Your lawn is the welcome mat of your home. It gives the first impression of your home and you definitely want it to be spectacular! The secret to a lush green and well-maintained lawn lies in its sprinkler and irrigation system. The more your lawn is appropriately watered, the more it will be healthy.

It is always advised to get a sprinkler system upgrade after every few years to ensure that your lawn gets the best of it all year long. A sprinkler system upgrade allows you and your lawn to enjoy a brand new sprinkler system, equipped with all the latest features and designs.

A sprinkler system is a must-have necessity for every lawn. The reasons for its importance are enlisted below:

Long Island Sprinkler Installation

How Can We Help With a Sprinkler System Upgrade?

We are the leading service lawn sprinkler company on Long Island that has been helping residents with their sprinkler systems and their upgrades for over 10 years. We understand how difficult it is for the clients to upgrade the entire system which is why our professionals and experts are there to guide them along every step.

Customer satisfaction values the most to us which is why before we begin with the new installations, our skilled technicians come over to analyze the sprinkler system on your lawn. After careful analysis, we provide our customers with a proposal of upgrades that is well under their budget.

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What We Guarantee


Your lawn is the welcome mat of your home. It gives the first impression of your home and you definitely want it to be spectacular! The secret to a lush green and well-maintained lawn lies in its sprinkler and irrigation system. The more your lawn is appropriately watered, the more it will be healthy.


We are a fully licensed company that guarantees cost-effective sprinkler system upgrades whether for houses or for corporate offices. Apart from Long Island, citizens of New Hyde Park, Nassau County, and Suffolk County can take full advantage of our services.


Our sprinkler system upgrade process begins with our representative visiting your lawn and chalking out an upgrade plan for your Long Island home lawn. Once a cost-effective plan is drafted, our team gets the project done under the stated time period.


After the completion of the upgrade project, one of our skilled professionals will come over to visit and check if everything is working fine.


Our Sprinkler System Upgrade Services

When it comes to a sprinkler system upgrade, we recommend our clients to give their sprinkler system a makeover from the sprinkler head down to the sprinkler lines. After the installation of the new system, our customers are able to have their dream lawn transformations overnight!

We only use materials of the highest qualities in all our lawn sprinkler systems upgrades. Our trained technicians are qualified to deal with all sorts of irrigation systems and sprinkler systems so that the upgraded version of your entire system goes a long way!

Our sprinkler system upgrades are applicable to the lawns of all residential and commercial properties. All you have to do is to trust us and witness the amazing transformation of your existing sprinkler system.

Some of the lawn sprinkler system upgrade services that we provide are listed below:

Sprinkler Heads are a crucial part of all lawn sprinkler systems. They are responsible for distributing the water flow evenly in all directions so all parts of a lawn get equally watered. Our team ensures to only use the latest version of sprinkler heads in your upgrade system so you get the maximum benefit from the best product in the industry.

We offer our customers a multidirectional lawn sprinkler system so their sprinklers are capable of moving in all directions. With multidirectional movement, it becomes easier for a lawn sprinkler to provide all corners of a lawn with appropriate water flow that is neither too low nor too high. We provide our clients with the best and the latest multidirectional lawn sprinklers that can withstand all tests of time.

A healthy lawn needs a healthy irrigation system. There are multiple garden irrigation methods and techniques available befitting for each lawn type. Our team lead carefully analyzes the situation of your lawn and then chalks out a creative irrigation lines plan for your irrigation systems. This ensures that your lawn gets the desired nutrients along with water. Drip irrigation is the most popular technique these days.

Rainfall sensors are a great way to make sure that your lawn stays protected from overflowing in case of rainfalls. These sensors sense the raindrops and immediately turn off the scheduled watering of the lawn sprinkler. This upgrade in the sprinkler system is a must, especially if you’re living on Long Island. These also help to keep the flower beds fresh and protected from overflowing.

As mentioned earlier, we value customer satisfaction above all which is why we provide our customers with a free estimate on all services. We also arrange a free consultation session with our customers to brief them about our services so they can plan the upgrade of their sprinkler system according to their budget.


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