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Looking to keep your sprinkler system and irrigation system upbeat in winter? Then some simple sprinkler winterization is just what you need!

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The basic job of a sprinkler system is to water your lawn all year long. But you may notice that during the winter months, the sprinkler heads and sprinkler pipes start malfunctioning. This calls for a winterization process for your Long Island lawn sprinkler so it can work full 365 days.

We are the leading company on Long Island when it comes to sprinkler winterization.

We are the leading company on Long Island when it comes to sprinkler winterization. We have a team of winterization experts and professionals that are skilled to deal with any kind of commercial sprinkler system. We only use state-of-the-art material for winterizing your sprinkler system so your lawn gets what it deserves all year long!

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What is Sprinkler Winterization and Why You Need It?

Often in the winter season, most people complain that their sprinkler system is not working efficiently and thus this is the reason why most Long Island lawns dry out in winter.

The major reason for malfunctioning sprinkler and irrigation systems in winter is the blockage of water in the pipes. When the temperature drops, the residual water in the pipe and head of a lawn sprinkler freezes which causes damage to the underground pipes and to the irrigation system.

Through the winterization process, the residual water is blown out from all the lawn sprinklers. This prevents water from getting blocked in pipes and thus secures the entire system from damage.


Our Sprinkler Winterization Services

We at Long Island Sprinkler Company have been offering winterization services to Long Island customers for over 10 years. Our excellent craftsmanship, top-quality equipment, and top-notch service always result in 100% customer satisfaction.

We also provide winterization services for all kinds of irrigation systems, including drip irrigation. We first properly shut down the entire system before proceeding and then blow out all the water to keep the lawn sprinklers’ pipe zone free of water.

One of our most basic winterization services includes the maintenance of a sprinkler system.
We usually recommend our customers to get their scheduled maintenance around mid-November to prepare the sprinkler system for the cold season. This includes maintenance of sprinkler heads, sprinkler pipes, lawn sprinkler repairs, and repair of lawn sprinkler spring and valves.

We have a proven track record of only using materials of the highest quality in all our winterization services. The methodology we use in our winterization is of the highest professional standards which even leaves our new customers happy and satisfied!

Apart from using the best tools for winterizing your sprinkler system, we also make use of the latest winterization technologies to keep your sprinkler systems upbeat. We have an exclusive service of air blowout that uses high-pressure air to remove water from the pipes.

We provide our customers with a free estimate on all our commercial sprinkler system winterization services. Our team comes over to inspect your sprinkler system and then we provide you with a free estimate so you can get your sprinkler system ready for the winter under your budget!


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